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Bagwell Promotions offers COVID-19 crisis help for businesses

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DALLAS  — Retail businesses are struggling to continue to stay open while keeping their customers and prospects safe from COVID-19. Bagwell Promotions now offers a variety of ways for business to meet the unique demands of today’s business.

We’re getting a lot of calls about floor decals,” said John Bagwell, owner of Bagwell Promotions. “These adhesive signs are easy to position on almost any floor and can be custom produced with any message,” he adds.

With floor decals, people can be reminded to keep a 6-foot distance from one another as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control.

Another item readably available is a custom face mask.  These can include a logo, message or other information. Businesses or non-profits can order as few as 100 and get delivery is just over 15 days.

Bagwell Promotions also offers traditional face masks, awareness ribbons, and even a coloring book for children that answers questions about the Coronavirus along with other promotional ideas to help promote businesses during this time.

Many restaurants are now providing takeout or to-go orders and are using imprinted bags from Bagwell Promotions to deliver the food and provide a message.

Another hot item now is the “Kooty Key,” a germ utility tool that let’s users open doors or access elevator or other keys without a physical contact. While this devise has been available for single purchase, it is now available as a promo item with a company name or other imprint.


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