Bartell Drugs launches specialty pharmacy service

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SEATTLE — Bartell Drugs has begun offering specialty pharmacy services that provide personalized support for people with chronic conditions.

Bartell Drugs pharmacy_Bellevue VillageThe Puget Sound-area drug chain said Tuesday that the Bartell Specialty Pharmacy programs are available at all of its 65 locations in Washington’s King, Snohomish and Pierce counties.

The service provides pharmacy care for such complex and difficult-to-treat conditions as cancer, hepatitis B and C, HIV and rheumatoid arthritis, among a host of other medical conditions requiring specialized medications and therapy regimens.

“Specialty care is more than just dispensing medications,” Christina Ree, clinical programs manager at Bartell Drugs, said in a statement. “Through this program, we help engage with patients to address all the issues relevant to their condition and take care of everything behind the scene so they can start and stay on therapy.”

Through the specialty pharmacy care program, patients are educated about potential drug interactions and side effects, scheduling prescription renewals, payment assistance options and other aspects of care.

Patient contact is made via in-person check-ins  in addition to wellness calls by trained professionals who monitor patient progress and answer questions in the convenience of their homes.

“Being diagnosed and entering treatment can be overwhelming,” Ree added. “Our specialty pharmacy program helps take the fear out of the process and replaces it with confidence.”



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