Bayer launches hydraSense kids nasal care line in U.S.

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Saline nasal solutions available exclusively at Walgreens

hydraSense_saline nasal care_Bayer Consumer Health

WHIPPANY, N.J. — Bayer Consumer Health’s hydraSense children’s nasal care products are making their U.S. market debut at Walgreens stores.

Bayer said Wednesday that the hydraSense saline nasal care line, for infants and children ages 6 months and older, hydrates and soothes dry, uncomfortable nasal passages and can be used with over-the-counter oral cold or allergy medicines.

The drug- and preservative-free products include the hydraSense Ultra-Gentle Nasal Mist, hydraSense Nasal Care Single-Use Vials and hydraSense Soft Comfort Tip Nasal Aspirator.

Bayer noted that, unlike the purified water and sodium chloride formulas of most saline nasal care brands, hydraSense saline solution is made with mineral-rich, 100% naturally sourced seawater from the Bay of Saint-Malo, France, whose strong tides constantly renew the seawater’s composition.

Many parents are seeking unmedicated nasal care options for their kids, whose sensitive nasal passages can become uncomfortable from hot, dry climates as well as low humidity and air conditioning, according to Bayer.

“We recognize that more and more parents are searching for drug-free remedies to address their children’s delicate nasal passages. The hydraSense children’s daily nasal care line provides a portfolio of gentle drug-free products for parents to sooth their child’s nasal passages, with ingredients that are naturally sourced,” stated André Schmidt, vice president of U.S. medical affairs at Bayer Consumer Health. “We’re pleased to invite parents across the U.S. to discover the benefits of hydraSense in soothing the discomfort and nasal dryness of their families.”

HydraSense is currently sold in the U.S. only at Walgreens stores, where the brand can be found in the children’s medicine aisle, as well as at Walgreens.com.


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