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Benzer Pharmacy rolls out MTM services

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TAMPA, Fla. — Benzer Pharmacy is adding medication therapy management (MTM) to the list of clinical services it provides.

The MTM services being offered include pharmacotherapy consultation, progress check-ins, anticoagulation management, health and wellness programs, immunizations and medication therapy reviews.

“Medication therapy management is a patient-centric approach to bridge the gap between pharmacists and patients,” Benzer Pharmacy president Alpesh Patel said in a statement. “By providing increased access to pharmacists, patients are able to take on a more active role in their wellness journey.”

Benzer will also offer an annual comprehensive medication review (CMR) to all beneficiaries enrolled in the MTM program. Beneficiaries may refuse or decline individual services or unenroll themselves from the MTM program if they choose.

Pharmacy technicians will play a role in delivering the MTM service by identifying patients, collecting information, scheduling CMR appointments, submitting claims, contacting prescribers and monitoring the progress of MTM services.

The MTM offering builds on the other patient-focused services at Benzer, which has 65 pharmacies in 14 states. For example, the company provides patients with sealed medication holders in the form of blister packs. Each pack has a standard pharmacy label and comes with its medications already sorted, making compliance easier for patients.


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