Benzer Pharmacy serves up Rx adherence solution

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TAMPA, Fla. — Benzer Pharmacy is addressing the medication nonadherence problem by offering a custom pill tray for patients on multiple medicines.

Benzer Pharmacy compliance pill tray

The custom pill tray is designed to accommodate patients who must take more than 10 medications a day.

The once-weekly dispensing system, accommodating patients taking over 10 medications in a day, provides daily removable cartridges that can be carried in a purse, briefcase or coat pocket. Benzer said the pill tray is particularly useful for patients participating in medication synchronization programs, since each compartment is large enough to hold multiple prescriptions, including those with larger pills.

The custom pill tray costs $7, but customers can get a free one by reviewing their Benzer pharmacy on Yellow Pages, checking in on Benzer’s Facebook page, referring a friend or placing a bumper sticker on their vehicles.

Benzer noted that as the population ages and a rising number of new prescription drugs for chronic diseases hit the market, patients often have regimens with 10, 15 or more medications daily, with some taken in the morning, others at night, some with meals and others that might have to be split in half.

Lindsay Wall, a clinical pharmacist at Benzer Pharmacy, reported that she has patients with over 25 doses per day and that compliance can be a challenge, especially for seniors.

“Taking medication incorrectly, or forgetting to take it, is one of the main reasons patients like these get readmitted to the hospital or placed in nursing homes,” Benzer Pharmacy president Alpesh Patel said in a statement. “The versatility and detail of the custom pill tray allows you to eliminate the guesswork of administering your own medications and minimize common dosing errors,” he added.

Specializing in compounding and specialty medications, Benzer currently has more than 55 retail pharmacies in its store network, with locations in Florida, Michigan, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, Nevada and Louisiana. The chain has continued its rapid expansion, driven in part by a franchise model launched earlier this year.

Late last month Benzer announced the opening of three new pharmacies through its franchise model, including locations in Clermont and Immokalee, Fla., and Poteau, Okla. The latter store marked the chain’s first location in Oklahoma.

“Through the franchise model, Benzer Pharmacy will be in a strong position to negotiate prices with drug manufacturers,” stated chief executive officer Manish Patel.

Also in late July, Benzer Pharmacy announced the hiring of Syed Hashmi as director of 340B programs. Hashmi will implement the 340B program for Benzer and promote compliance with regulatory requirements.

“Through the 340B program, I plan to provide access to valuable drug discounts while identifying and capturing sales opportunities with 340B-eligible clients across the United States,” he commented.



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