Benzer Pharmacy unveils residency program

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 TAMPA, Fla. — Regional drug chain Benzer Pharmacy is introducing a pharmacy residency program.

The company said Tuesday that the Benzer Pharmacy Residency Program is aimed at providing further training to pharmacy students with a focus in clinical care. The post-graduation training program will focus on medication therapy management (MTM), chronic disease state management, asthma education and business development.

benzer-pharmacy_sign-closeup“Benzer Pharmacy is excited to initiate the pharmacy residency program, which will provide practitioners with a competitive edge over their peers,” Lindsay Wall, chief clinical officer at Benzer Pharmacy, said in a statement.

In Florida, the options available for the pharmacy residency are community pharmacy and managed care pharmacy, with only three sites in the state offering a community pharmacy residency program, according to Benzer Pharmacy.

Lindsay, who is also the residency program director, noted that Benzer is the only commercial pharmacy-based institution to offer such a program in Florida.

“We shall host one pharmacy resident per 12-month period. The first resident is expected to start in July 2017, and he/she will receive a stipend, too,” Lindsay added.

Benzer Pharmacy residents will be selected through a match program via the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Pharmacy Online Residency Centralized Application Service (PhORCAS). Applications are still being accepted for the program, which will be evaluated for accreditation by the American Pharmacists Association (APhA).

The residency program comes as Benzer Pharmacy continues its rapid expansion. Last week, the company announced the opening of its first locations in Colorado and Texas through its franchise model. The Byers, Colo., is located inside Byers General Store and was previously known as Chase Pharmacy. The other new location is in Tomball, Texas. Benzer announced those new locations just days after its expansion to the West Coast with the opening of a store in Long Beach, Calif.

Overall, Benzer Pharmacy now has 65 locations in 14 states, including Tennessee, Florida, Michigan, Virginia, North Carolina, Texas, Georgia, Nevada, Oklahoma, Iowa, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana and California.



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