Benzer strives for ‘bold new future’ for pharmacy

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Noah Chapman

Noah Chapman

TAMPA, Fla. — Benzer Pharmacy is a company of pharmacists and technicians who are supported from the corporate office in their efforts to put the patient first.

No effort is spared by Benzer to provide positive outcomes, according to chief operating officer Noah Chapman.

“We have not lost sight of the importance and responsibility of our role in the health care community to be the access point for patients, providers, health systems and caregivers,” says Chapman. “That is how Benzer sets itself apart from the big-box chain ­pharmacies.”

The company’s approach to creating a seamless experience for patients to achieve positive outcomes rests on four pillars: medication adherence, medication therapy management, immunizations and disease state management through health care provider and payer ­partnerships.

The corporate office is fully committed to that approach from the perspectives of quality, accreditations, audits, prior authorizations, clinical, inventory and contracting, notes Chapman. “We have a laser focus on the pharmacists and technicians having the tools they need to create positive patient outcomes.”

The appeal of Benzer’s approach is borne out by the welcome that it is receiving from the communities it is entering. “We are seeing the frustrations from patients receiving less-than-ideal service when it comes to accessibility of pharmacists, affordability of medications and the support from the technicians to help in the cost savings,” remarks Chapman. “As well, we see the need for more readily available education as our patients move from one therapy to the next.
“I am excited that we can offer that in a convenient independent community setting.”

Driving growth for Benzer is a strong management team, he emphasizes. “We honestly all work in silos, but have found a great way of communicating and supporting each others’ efforts. It’s really a true team ­effort.”

Meghann Chilcott

Meghann Chilcott

Besides Chapman, the team includes chief financial officer Robert Shatanoff, chief revenue officer Dan Dunmire, and chief technology and marketing officer Meghann Chilcott.

Chilcott, a retail pharmacy and health care technology expert, was hired to lead decision-making efforts in technology and marketing. In a career spanning more than 20 years — across the health care, retail, pharmaceutical and technology industries — she has established a record of success, both from the viewpoint of practical, real-world experience and from the perspective of an academic authority.

At her previous position as senior vice president of OrderInsite, a retail drug forecasting service, she played pivotal roles in business development and strategic partnerships as well as in sales and branding ­management.

Prior to that, Chilcott was a vice president at Fred’s Inc., supervising IT and pharmacy systems for around 370 pharmacies in 15 states. She also served in several capacities at Navarro Discount Pharmacies in Miami, capping off a productive nine-year tenure with her promotion to director of pharmacy services.

Learning the ins and outs of the business has been essential, Chilcott observes. “I’ve done a little bit of everything, ranging from spearheading pharmacy operations to building frameworks for health care technology and beyond,” she said. “All of it factors into what it takes to become an industry leader.”

On the academic side, she holds a master’s degree in business administration and a bachelor-of-science degree in information technology, and she is completing studies at Nova Southeastern University College of Medicine in pursuit of a master’s in biomedical ­informatics.

Earning her extra credit, Chilcott is also skilled with the written word. She has penned articles on health care technology that have been published regularly in Forbes, where she has been a member of the magazine’s technology council.

Chilcott has also been active in online media as a cohost of FutureDose.Tech, a platform for discussion of the latest trends in the industry on the Pharmacy Podcast Network.

With regard to next steps at Benzer, her vision is clear: “I believe that the company has the agility and nimble positioning that are necessary to remain at the forefront of the technological transformations that are setting the stage for tomorrow,” Chilcott says.

No doubt that’s going to take some heavy lifting, especially given her stated goals to “streamline operational processes” and develop a “top-notch, personalized patient ­experience.”

“Unifying technology, marketing and business intelligence will allow our pharmacists to interact with patients in ways that have never been experienced before,” Chilcott reasons. “It’s a bold new future for the pharmacy industry, and I’m truly excited to be part of it.”



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