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Better Health expands medical supply offerings to people with diabetes

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Approximately 52% of adult Americans have a chronic condition. Nationally, 60% to 75% of older adults live with multiple chronic conditions. For those with multiple chronic conditions, diabetes is often at the center. In fact, 11.3% of the United States’ population has diabetes, and it is among the most expensive chronic conditions. One of four U.S. health care dollars is spent on people living with diabetes.

“Living with a chronic condition can be expensive,” said Greg Bokar, Better Health’s newly appointed general manager of expansion who is at the forefront of this initiative. “With our expansion, we are broadening our offering to provide peer support, patient education, insurance management, and home delivery of medical supplies for people living with diabetes.”

Better Health’s comprehensive care model is designed for those with multiple chronic conditions, such as ostomy, tracheostomy, wound care needs, chronic urinary retention, incontinence and/or diabetes, among other categories. The company takes a modernized approach to ordering, product fitting and delivering medical supplies, and simplifies the process of provider referrals, insurance handling and paperwork. Better Health offers peer support coaching, which has been proven to reduce utilization of care and improve health outcomes, and includes member wellness checks.

“We are pleased that Better Health is now able to provide services and medical supplies to those living with diabetes,” said Better Health Co-founder and CEO Naama Stauber Breckler. “We modernize the entire process of discovering, choosing, and receiving medical supplies. But getting the right supplies is just half the challenge for people living with chronic conditions. We also educate, coach, and support people to improve their lives, reduce their stress, and save them money along the way.”

Better Health currently operates in 46 states, and its services are covered by insurance for more than 185 million lives across the country.


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