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Shoppers Drug Mart expands pharmacist’s role

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SDM Flu Screening System_WEB

In Canada, Alberta continues to be a leader in expanding the scope of practice for pharmacists from dispensing prescriptions to more and more health care services. Case in point: Shoppers Drug Mart.

Starting in early January, patients can go to any of SDM’s 147 drug stores in Alberta to get a flu screening, giving pharmacists a bigger role in preventive care and/or treatment. In Alberta, many pharmacists now have Additional Prescribing Authorization, which allows them to prescribe treatment.

The $25 screening involves a simple nose swab, and the sample is screened for influenza A or B using the BD Veritor digital immunoassay rapid testing system. A positive or negative result is given about 10 minutes later. Check out the video.

SDM said the in-store flu screenings mark a first for Canadian pharmacies.


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