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Blue Gem distributes Title Sports Drink to Walgreens

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MEDLEY, Fla. — Blue Gem Enterprise has begun shipping Title Sports Drink and other allied brands to 205 Walgreens drug stores in the greater Orlando, Fla., area.

The distributor said this week that the natural energy beverage, made by Miami-based Electric Beverage Co., continues to grow its presence in Florida.

"This expansion into central Florida gives us the coverage we need to provide direct store delivery service to the thousands of corporate and independent retail locations in this highly populated and growing area," Blue Gem vice president of sales Bob Friedopfer said in a statement. "The overwhelming success at the retail level of our flagship product Title Sports Drink in the South Florida market has us opening branches ahead of our projections."

Title Sports Drink will be available in three varieties, two of which Electric Beverage Co. said on its web site are due to be rolled out soon: Title Run (available now), Title Defense and Title Daily. Each of the SKUs has three flavors: Berry, Optimal Orange and Lemon Frenzy.

Blue Gem said it’s also adding Wings of Nature organic health bars, made by New York-based Fresh Harvest Products Inc., and Xingtea natural green tea beverages, made by Denver-based Xing Beverage, to the roster of brands it distributes.

"Both brands fit well into our portfolio of ‘all-natural’ products," Friedopfer stated. "Xingtea, which is sold in big cans, is an all-natural, sugar-sweetened green tea that is approaching its third full year on the market and nearing full, national distribution — almost entirely through independent distributors like Blue Gem."

Fresh Harvest had announced last month that Walgreens would carry the Wings of Nature health bars, starting with its stores in the Orlando market.


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