Bonum Health inks strategic services distribution deal

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TAMPA — TRxADE HEALTH, an integrated drug procurement, delivery, and healthcare platform, announced Tuesday that Bonum Health, a digital health care business subsidiary, has struck a strategic services distribution agreement with multiple insurance brokerage firms to offer access to telemedicine services for small to medium employer groups.

The company, which offers nationwide telemedicine services in all 50 states for humans and in select states for pets, will now work with insurance brokers to offer its telemedicine services to employer groups ranging from small-to-medium sized businesses. Dr. Shafaat Pirani, PharmD, BCGP, chief clinical and compliance officer for TRxADE states, “We are thrilled to have secured a services distribution agreement with these insurance brokerage firms, as we believe it will help expand access to basic healthcare for employees that did not previously have access to care and/or provide them with a supplement to existing employer sponsored health coverage. The initiative is expected to help expand Bonum Health’s reach by helping to grow its daily active subscriber base while simultaneously boosting utilization of services on the platform. This will also allow Bonum Health another opportunity to showcase its turn-key and interoperable digital solutions that help employer’s decrease their employee health-related expenses – which is especially important during the current inflationary period, when balance sheets are being closely scrutinized. We plan to continue to leverage our deep-rooted partnerships with regional enterprise communities and independent pharmacies and seek to further drive new patient traffic, prescriptions, and creation of other monetization opportunities.”

Suren Ajjarapu, chairman and chief executive officer of TRxADE added, “The company maintains a strong commitment to diversifying its service offerings by establishing alternate distribution channels to promote our first-class telemedicine services.” Ajjarapu also noted, “We plan to attempt to leverage these types of channels to promote our premier telemedicine services and grow Bonum Health’s operations. We believe employers are looking for value-based services and need to create competitive benefit packages to attract and retain employees, as they navigate the day-to-day challenges that accompany a shrinking labor market, and high employee turnover. Employees will be bulk onboarded onto the telemedicine platform with full access to services as part of our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription business model.”


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