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Brownmed acquires Joslin Orthopedic Gear

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BOSTON — Home medical equipment manufacturer Brownmed Inc. has acquired Joslin Orthopedic Gear.

Financial terms of the transaction weren’t disclosed. Brownmed said Monday that the addition of Joslin’s line of stretch-to-fit arm slings, designed to provide patients a comfortable fit, and accessories expand its roster of orthopedic products.

Joslin Slings_Brownmed acquisition“The acquisition of Joslin Orthopedic Gear reflects Brownmed’s continued commitment to innovative, patient-focused medical devices,” stated Ivan Brown, president and chief executive officer of Brownmed. “Joslin Slings are already the preferred choice in the marketplace. We will quickly expand adoption through introduction of the product to our broad distribution network.

“Furthermore, bringing Joslin Slings into our product mix will enhance our ability to provide customers with a multitude of products designed to improve the lives of patients,” Brown added.

Brownmed noted that Joslin Slings stretch for a custom fit, unlike traditional cloth slings. The flagship product, the Ultimate Arm Sling, was designed especially to relieve painful pressure points while providing optimum support and stability for short- and long-term use.

Since being introduced in 2000, Joslin Slings have received strong reviews from patients, health care professionals, athletes and celebrities, according to Brownmed. The brand also includes the Joslin ER Sling, a disposable arm sling that stretches to fit a wide range of patients and replaces the need for multiple sizes of traditional cloth arm slings.

The products were developed and introduced by Mandy Joslin, president of Joslin Orthopedic Gear, in response to a dearth of comfortable options available to hospitals and consumers. Plans call for Joslin to provide consulting services to Brownmed over the coming months to share her expertise on the product line.

“I look forward to working with Brownmed to dramatically expand the reach of Joslin Orthopedic Gear products both nationally and internationally,” Joslin commented. “My product line provides a wonderful complement to existing Brownmed products, which are patient-oriented and comfort-based.”


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