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Brownmed launches Body Furnace: A hot, new product in outdoor gear

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BOSTON — Brownmed has introduced Body Furnace, the next generation, app-controlled personal heating device that goes wherever life takes the wearer.

“To many, winter offers a view of life’s most beautiful landscapes, with images of sunlight glistening across fields of fresh snow, frozen ponds and snow-capped evergreens filling Instagram feeds far and wide. However, harsh wind and frigid temperatures can combine to limit one’s ability to fully enjoy the environment in person,” said Brandon Rodriguez, vice president of product management at Brownmed.  “Thankfully, there are now products out there that make it easier, and more comfortable, to experience winter and to enjoy a range of activities from skiing, hiking, fishing, hunting, camping and other outdoor adventures.”

Packing powerful, customizable and long-lasting heat into an app-controlled device, Body Furnace is wearable technology that is said to keep users warm wherever they go. Using patented thermal reflective technology, Body Furnace directs heat to a person’s core and can be set as high as 140 degrees, allowing your body to maintain a stable temperature and keep their extremities warm.

“The concept for Body Furnace was based off various Canadian studies which found devices that heat the core limited shivering and improved finger dexterity as compared to passive hand heating alone,” said Rodriguez. “Used with your existing winter gear, Body Furnace provides the supplemental heat your body needs to optimize enjoyment of outdoor winter activities.”

The addition of the Body Furnace Thermostat app, which allows the user to control the temperature from their phone, is a revolutionary advancement that everyone is sure to love.

“Body Furnace transforms the market for heated clothing.” said Kylia Garver, president of Brownmed. “Body Furnace gives outdoor enthusiasts customized heat throughout the day, without the hassle of removing multiple layers of clothing.”

Body Furnace retails for $279.99, is fully rechargeable and offers customized heat settings through the Body Furnace Thermostat App for Android and iOS.






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