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Bubble Chocolate lands distribution at Duane Reade

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SALEM, Mass. — Bubble Chocolate, the maker of "aerated" chocolate bars, has rolled out its product to metropolitan New York drug chain Duane Reade.

The company said Monday that Duane Reade is now selling both the dark and milk chocolate varieties of the all-natural Bubble Chocolate bars in its more than 250 drug stores. The bars carry a suggested retail price of $2.49.

"In nine months, Bubble Chocolate has gained incredible distribution throughout North America, and getting our bars into Duane Reade confirms that Americans are ready for aerated chocolate," Paul Pruett, chief executive officer of Bubble Chocolate, said in a statement. "We expect that this brand will continue to grow exponentially."

According to the company, Bubble Chocolate looks like a regular chocolate bar but has micro air bubbles. By breaking off a small piece of the bar and chewing it gently until it begins to melt, consumers will feel a moist and creamy sensation, with their taste bud receptors drawn to the bubbles as the chocolate starts to melt, the company said.

Bubble Chocolate noted that because of the aerated process, the bars have one-third fewer calories than a traditional chocolate bar with the same volume, making it popular with people on restricted-calorie diets. Six squares of Bubble Chocolate total only 100 calories, the company said.

"This is a new Bubble Chocolate that’s all-natural and reformulated to introduce Americans to the aerated chocolate craze that has dominated international markets for decades," commented Frank Drab, president of Bubble Chocolate. "The timing has proven right to bring something new and exciting to the U.S. market. Americans love it, the international community is happy to have it, and it’s a favorite among dieters who are looking for a satisfying yet lower-calorie chocolate fix."

Bubble Chocolate comes in 2.82-ounce premium milk and dark chocolate bars, and for retailers it’s offered in a 10-bar merchandising display and/or a 60-count floor display.

Other U.S. retail chains carrying Bubble Chocolate, the company said, include Meijer, T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, Roundy’s Supermarkets and Whole Foods Market.


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