Burt’s Bees founder to help Unity College online students ‘create a healthy hive’ in business

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UNITY, Maine — This fall, Roxanne Quimby, the founder and former chief executive officer of Burt’s Bees, will lend her knowledge of entrepreneurship to Unity College business students and anyone interested in learning about starting a business in an online course titled Creating a Healthy Hive: Starting Your Own Sustainable Business.

“In my years of developing Burt’s Bees into one of the fastest growing brands in its sector — and even before that, studying and working as an artist — I learned so much even beyond building a successful business, and I’m excited to pass down that information and those stories to entrepreneurs,” said Quimby, a Massachusetts native who founded Burt’s Bees after moving to Maine, where she still resides. “I hope it inspires those students who are looking to start their own business with sustainability and the environment at its core.”

“When you think of iconic Maine businesspeople, Roxanne Quimby is one of the first that comes to mind,” said Unity College president Dr. Melik Peter Khoury. “She brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and anecdotal lessons that she’s learned from her years of experience, and I think our students will absorb all of that and apply it to their own entrepreneurial journeys.”

Students can engage in the course in three ways, taking all five topics without credit for $700, ideal for adult learners seeking knowledge but not pursuing additional degrees; all five topics for three college credits, which costs $1,410; or choosing a topic and weekly module that a learner is particularly interested in for $150 with no credit.

“This is an incredible opportunity for our students to gain first-hand knowledge of how to run a business from someone who created one of the best-known brands in the country,” said Unity College Chief Distance Education Officer Dr. Amy Arnett. “No matter what phase of your career you might be in — whether you’re just considering starting a business, looking to expand your business to the next level, or even if you want to get an insider’s look at how brands and markets work as an employer, you’re going to come out of this course with a new perspective and a leg up on the competition.”

The course runs August 26 through September 29, with registration open until Wednesday, August 28.


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