Canna Hemp expands to sell through

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Nevada-based hemp and CBD brand, Canna Hemp continues its year of  expansion following multiple account acquisitions and a successful round of meetings at the ECRM conference. Canna Hemp has been expanding into some of the largest online retailers in the United States market, including Amazon. Now, the brand has made its products available for sale through another retail giant,

“Walmart currently occupies one of the top spots in the hierarchy of online retail, as one of the largest online retailers for supplements and natural health products. Health products have been a major seller within’s online marketplace, and Walmart expects online sales to grow by more than thirty percent by the end of 2020,” said the company in a statement.

Canna Hemp’s wellness products are said to be made of the highest quality natural ingredients, appeal to a wide audience. Often, hemp products fall into a niche market with a very specific customer group; people who already love and use hemp products in their daily lives and thoroughly research their purchasing decisions.

Currently, Canna Hemp has products ranging from Relief Cream, designed for use on muscles and joints, to its popular lotions and lip balms, which can be used by any type of customer looking for high-quality beauty products.

New research has shown that hemp could play an important role in keeping skin looking healthy and youthful, nourishing at a molecular level. For this reason, hemp oil and lip balm seem to be a perfect fit. Canna Hemp puts its lab-tested hemp oil directly into the lip balm formula, along with a host of other natural, botanical ingredients.

Canna Hemp’s lip balms are available in unique scents and flavors, such as like Blueberry Yum, Lemon Zest, and Raspberry Glaze. The brand prides itself on creating products that are not only safe, natural, and effective, but also products that are visually and aromatically beautiful.

“Walmart has been the next natural move for Canna Hemp, as the brand continues its expansion throughout 2020. Understanding the online marketplace and maintaining a stable e-commerce presence is vital for success in today’s web-based economy. Currently, Canna Hemp’s products are available through its website,, as well as a host of other e-commerce sites, with more to come as the brand continues to grow,” said the company.



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