CBD Brands launches CaniSun CBD-infused sunscreen product

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JUPITER, Fla. — CBD Brands has announced the launch of CaniSun–a line of premium sunscreen lotions infused with pure CBD. CaniSun SPF sunscreens introduce an entirely new customer segment to the wide-ranging health benefits of hemp-derived CBD, which include reducing inflammation, repair to existing sun damage, and fighting signs of skin aging.

CaniSun was developed by an experienced team of scientists and consumer product experts. Their custom sunscreen formulations are infused with the highest quality CBD available. Each are scientifically formulated with the highest established standards, protocols and validated processes overseen by industry experts with deep experience in the latest developments in OTC and skin care technologies.

Using state-of-the-art ingredients whose functionality are designed to work together to create innovative and effective suncare formulations, all CaniSun formulas are: oxybenzone free, oil free, water resistant (80 minutes), and tested by an FDA approved lab to meet all FDA labeling requirements.

“The positive feedback from consumers has been amazing,” stated CBD Brands chief executive officer Brian John. “CaniSun is among the first CBD sunscreens on the market, and I’m incredibly proud of that fact. Much of the damage from excessive sun exposure is from the over-inflammation of dermal cells, so the established anti-inflammatory properties of CBD will help offset that while also catering to those whose skin might be more sensitive to breakouts from traditional sunscreens.

“Plus, studies have shown that the consistent transdermal absorption of CBD can provide hyper-targeted relief for certain ailments–like arthritis–more effectively than traditional oral CBD supplements. Transdermals are an untapped sector in the CBD industry, and we’re excited to be leading the way.”

CaniSun products meet the strictest quality standards and are derived from hemp farmed in the United States. CBD Brands’ products are made with natural ingredients and are infused with CBD for benefits for overall wellness. Each CaniSun product has undergone clinical testing, dermatologist testing, SPF evaluation, and critical wavelength and product stability testing. They’re Hypoallergenic and offer broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection validated by an FDA approved lab.


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