Centrum unveils gummy multivitamin

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MADISON, N.J. — Pfizer Consumer Healthcare has launched Centrum MultiGummies, a multivitamin that comes in an easier-to-take, pleasant-tasting gummy form.

Centrum MultiGummies Centrum MultiGummies include key nutrients such as vitamins D, B12 and E and come in natural flavors, including berry, cherry and orange. The product also is gluten-free, contains only natural colorants and has no artificial sweeteners.

Pfizer said Thursday that Centrum MultiGummies offer a more appealing way for people to get the nutrients they need to help support energy, immunity and metabolism.

“We continue to evolve the Centrum product line to reflect consumers’ varying needs and preferences,” explained Chris Lynch, senior product manager for Centrum. “In our research, consumers said they wanted a more enjoyable way to get essential vitamins and minerals daily, which is why we are pleased to offer the addition of Centrum MultiGummies. Now consumers can get the nutrients they need from the brand they know and trust in a great-tasting gummy form.

The company noted that multivitamins are recognized as a way that consumers can help fill daily nutritional gaps, adding that U.S. dietary intake studies report a broad range of nutrient gaps, and many people aren’t getting enough of key nutrients daily from food alone.

Centrum added that its roster of multivitamins features a range of product forms, including tablets, chewables, liquids and now gummies.

“According to nutritional health data, nine out of 10 Americans are not getting enough of key essential nutrients such as vitamins D and E,” stated Elizabeth Ward, a registered dietitian and nutrition health expert. “A new multivitamin formula that is easy to take allows consumers to get key vitamins and minerals that are so important to supporting nutritional health.”


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