Centrum VitaMints offer refreshing multivitamin option

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MADISON, N.J. — Centrum is providing a more flavorful and convenient way to take a multivitamin.

Centrum VitaMintsThe Pfizer Consumer Healthcare brand has launched Centrum VitaMints, a minty, chewable multivitamin. The company said the new multivitamin, which has a cool mint flavor, can be enjoyed like a mint and taken on the go, with or without water or food.

Meanwhile, the vitamin provides key nutrients such as vitamins D, B12 and E to support energy, immunity and metabolism, as well as vitamins A and C.

“Pfizer Consumer Healthcare is committed to bringing a range of exciting new Centrum multivitamin formulas to market that seamlessly fit into Americans’ everyday lives, including Centrum VitaMints, a surprisingly and refreshing mint tasting multivitamin that breaks through in a category traditionally known for tablets and gummies,” stated Robert Uccardi, director for Centrum at Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.

Centrum VitaMints come in 60- and 120-count bottles, and the serving size is two chewables daily. The product is available at major retail stores nationwide and online.

The company reported that nine out of 10 Americans fall short in getting essential nutrients from food alone, and multivitamins are seen as a solution for filling daily nutrition gaps in the diet.

“Americans want to live well. They want to eat right and exercise often. However, they are often short on the time needed to support an active, healthy lifestyle,” commented lifestyle and wellness expert Bahar Takhtehchian. “By offering a multivitamin in a flavor many consumers love, Centrum VitaMints give consumers an on-the-go option they enjoy like a mint that helps support energy, immunity and metabolism.”


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