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Cetaphi unveils digital AI skin analysis tool

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DALLAS — Cetaphil, the dermatologist recommended sensitive skincare brand, announced today the launch of its Cetaphil AI Skin Analysis: a comprehensive skin analyzer offering personalized skin assessment scores and skincare regimen recommendations in seconds.

Cetaphil unveils digital AI skin analysis toolWith the snap of a selfie, the tool’s state-of-the-art technology compares the photo to a robust database of 70,000 diverse skin images to create an inclusive, personalized report revealing skin type, skin concerns and proneness to various skin conditions. Armed with curated insights from eight categories such as acne, redness, hydration, dark spots and wrinkles, consumers can then leverage the results to make more informed skincare decisions.

Delivering personalized skincare experiences with AI technology

The AI skin analysis tool is powered by Perfect Corp’s AI Skin Analysis technology and provides a clear, easy-to-follow user experience on the Cetaphil U.S. website. The innovative skin scanning technology features cutting-edge AI deep learning technology to deliver precise, personalized skin assessments in seconds. The technology is quickly transforming skincare retail by empowering skincare brands like Cetaphil to provide product recommendations tailored to each customer’s unique skin concerns.

“As the leader in sensitive skincare science, we are committed to innovating inclusive, personalized solutions that ease the worries of those with this common skin concern. We are proud to offer the Cetaphil AI Skin Analysis as a complement to our existing Cetaphil Skincare Finder, further helping consumers select which of our 70+ product solutions may be right for them and taking the guesswork out of daily skincare for sensitive skin,” said Silvina Nordenstohl, head of U.S. at Galderma.

Enhancing the skincare shopping experience with AI technology

Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Analysis Technology recently underwent validation testing with Dr. Steven R. Feldman, Professor of Dermatology at the Wake Forest School of Medicine. During the study, the technology was confirmed to have a 95% test-retest reliability rate, delivering consistent, highly accurate skin assessments with each scan. With this powerful technology, consumers can better understand their individual skin concerns as well as the products needed to address them.

“AI skin tech can be a fantastic tool and useful first step in gaining an understanding of one’s personal skincare needs. Bringing digital skin analysis results to a dermatologist appointment allows patients to have a more meaningful visit and productive conversation,” said Steve Feldman, professor or Dermatology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine.

“We are thrilled to partner with Cetaphil on their AI Skin experience. AI skin technology has become essential to provide consumers with personalized skincare experiences. With the power of advanced AI tech, Cetaphil’s enhanced retail journey will allow customers to understand their skin and the product regimens needed to their skin goals,” said Alice Chang, Perfect Corp. founder and CEO.

To experience the Cetaphil AI Skin Analysis, visit and scan the QR code with your phone to receive your customized skincare routine recommendation in four simple steps.

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