Chains reopen stores after unrest

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NEW YORK — Many businesses, including retail drug chains, damaged or destroyed during some of the protests in the wake of the death of George Floyd are feverishly attempting to repair and reopen.

For instance, some 400 CVS Pharmacy locations across 25 states have experienced varying levels of damage over the past few weeks from protest activity. However, the company reports fewer than 20 stores are currently closed due to damage and most will be reopening soon.

Walgreens, which also sustained damage to many of its locations, has made headway in efforts to reopen damaged stores in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Currently, 107 of Walgreens’ 113 stores in the Twin Cities are open and operating with regular business hours.

At the same time, the chain is taking steps to meet the prescription needs for those in communities where stores are still closed, such as setting up temporary trailers in store parking lots to offer pharmacy ­services.

“Our commitment to the communities we serve is at the heart of everything we do and, especially now, we’re taking every step possible to reopen stores quickly, and to help ensure customers and patients have access to the medications and other essentials they need,” said Walgreens regional vice president Rob Ewing. “Walgreens has a long history of being there for communities during times of need, and these efforts wouldn’t be possible without our dedicated team members who’ve come together across the company and the U.S. to assist. Many of our communities are hurting right now and, beyond our support for our customers and team members, we’re also focused on contributing to the healing so sorely needed nationwide.”

Many of the chain’s locations were damaged in Chicago and the San Francisco Bay area. In Chicago, 100 of Walgreens’ 118 stores are open and operating with regular business hours.



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