CHPA Educational Foundation launches Interactive dietary supplement facts label

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WASHINGTON — With a growing number of Americans taking dietary supplements for self-care and preventive health management, the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) Educational Foundation launched an interactive Supplement Facts label on its consumer-facing website KnowYourOTCs.org to highlight for shoppers what information they can find on a Supplement Facts label.

All dietary supplements are required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to include a Supplement Facts label on the outer package. A Supplement Facts label identifies basic information about the product – such as the ingredients, the amount of each ingredient, serving size, and the number of servings per container. The CHPA Educational Foundation’s interactive Supplement Facts label allows users to click through a supplement label to learn what each section of the label means in easy-to-understand terms.

Consumers should pay close attention to the information found on the Supplement Facts label because it contains the required information to help consumers pick the product that best suits their dietary and healthcare needs.

“As consumers focus more of their attention on staying healthy proactively and begin incorporating more dietary supplements into their overall self-care plan, it is critically important to offer user-friendly resources about appropriately selecting and safely using these products,” said Anita Brikman, Executive Director, CHPA Educational Foundation. “By educating consumers about what is on a Supplement Facts label and how to read one, we empower their decision-making to safely choose and use dietary supplements to support their overall health and wellbeing.”

To explore the interactive Supplement Facts Label, please visit KnowYourOTCs.org.



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