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CHPA Educational Foundation wins grand prize for social media

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WASHINGTON – The CHPA Educational Foundation and its digital brand KnowYourOTCs earned the Grand Prize for “Social Media Campaign of the Year” in PR Daily’s 2019 Digital Marketing and Social Media Awards. The foundation is committed to educating consumers about the safe and responsible use of over-the-counter (OTC) medicines and dietary supplements; it’s KnowYourOTCs 2019 social media campaign – developed with the agency SOMA Strategies – was strategically and creatively designed to draw attention to content via several social media channels. Ultimately, the project delivered outstanding results and, thanks to its ingenuity and impact, was chosen from a wide pool of submissions to receive the top honor in PR Daily’s annual contest.

“This award validates our decision to take risks with edgier, creative content in order to reach consumers directly on social with our medicine safety messages,” said Anita Brikman, executive director of the foundation. “On behalf of the team at the CHPA Educational Foundation and our partner SOMA Strategies, we are incredibly excited and honored to be recognized for our work to revitalize the KnowYourOTCs digital brand.”

For this winning project, the foundation refined its digital strategy for KnowYourOTCs by diversifying the messages it shared about the safe use, storage, and disposal of OTC medicines and dietary supplements, and by broadening the target audiences it reached.

The foundation also employed a strategic paid media plan utilizing Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to ensure its newly developed content reached the right audiences at the right time.

By experimenting with various creative formats and targeting strategies, the campaign was able to cut through the clutter online to resonate with target audiences – including parents, outdoor enthusiasts, and millennial working women. This new approach to digital under the KnowYourOTCs brand resulted in a 213% increase in engagement, a 44% increase in the volume of messages published to social channels, and 388,000 engagements with original content – all with a 30% lower overhead expense than the previous year.

“The CHPA Educational Foundation set themselves apart from an outstanding field of applicants. Their work was exceptional and displayed their innovative strategies for achieving success,” according to Brendan Gannon, marketing manager for the awards program.


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