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Cirrus Healthcare’s MigraineX to hit shelves at CVS

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COLD SPRING HARBOR, N.Y. — Cirrus Healthcare Products, the makers of EarPlanes pressure relief earplugs, has landed retail distribution for its MigraineX migraine and headache relief earplugs at CVS Pharmacy.

MigraineX earplugs_Cirrus HealthcareCirrus said MigraineX plugs, intended for use with the MigraineX mobile app, are slated to become available in CVS stores starting on March 31 at a retail price of $11.99.

MigraineX is described as the first solution to the chief trigger of migraine headaches: weather barometric change. The plugs serve as a pressure regulating device to help reduce the duration, intensity and discomfort of migraine and sinus headache symptoms.

The free MigraineX mobile app, which can be downloaded at the iTunes Store and Google Play, or by scanning the QR code on the product box, provides MigraineX users with 24-hour forecasts and alerts on barometric pressure changes, including when to use MigraineX to head off migraine attacks.

MigraineX mobile app_Cirrus Healthcare

The MigraineX app alerts users about barometric pressure changes.

Based on the success of EarPlanes, MigraineX was created for longer wear by making the plugs softer and adjusted for land usage, Cirrus said. The company recommends using the MigraineX plugs at the onset of symptoms or when receiving barometric weather alerts from the app.

According to a clinical study by the Princeton Consumer Research, MigraineX provides relief for migraine and headache symptoms for 81% of sufferers when paired with regular migraine medication, Cirrus noted.

The cities with the highest barometric pressure include the New YorkNew JerseyConnecticut tristate area, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles and Dallas, according to a study by Cirrus.

“We are thrilled to have MigraineX available in CVS,” stated Drew O’Connell, chief executive officer of Cirrus Healthcare. “What separates MigraineX from other migraine relief medications is using medication-only focuses on relieving symptoms after a headache starts. The best defense against migraines is to prevent the pressure before it starts. Our longtime customers who use EarPlanes know to use our products before take offs and landings. We are confident new customers will find MigraineX to be a great reliever from weather-related migraines.”


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