Clarion adds eye makeup remover to Albolene brand

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Albolene Eye Makeup Remover_Clarion BrandsAccording to the company, just a few drops of the silky smooth serum of Albolene Eye Makeup Remover completely takes off even long-wearing eye makeup and mascara formulas.

The product contains five ingredients to condition eyelids and lashes while removing eye makeup: mineral oil, a lightweight skin conditioner to soften and smooth the skin; petrolatum, a moisturizing emollient and skin conditioning ingredient that also provides protection to help keep the skin’s own moisture from evaporating; jojoba seed oil, a natural skin conditioner and moisturizer; ozokerite, a naturally occurring wax used as an emulsifier and conditioner; and beta-carotene, a carotenoid compound used as a skin conditioning ingredient.

Users simply need to apply a dab of Albolene Eye Makeup Remover in a light, circular motion around their lids and lashes and then use a cotton pad or soft cloth to gently wipe away mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner, Clarion said.

Albolene Eye Makeup Remover is available at CVS Pharmacy and Walgreens drug stores nationwide as well as online at Amazon.com.

The eye makeup remover joins Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser, billed as “the beauty industry’s best kept secret.” The multi-use makeup remover cleanses mascara and lipstick while leaving skin soft, moisturized and younger-looking and keeping the complexion clean, the company said.


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