Cognivue enters strategic partnership to provide cognitive testing in community pharmacies

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Neuroscience company Cognivue, Inc. today announced plans to provide computerized cognitive testing systems in community pharmacies. This will occur through a strategic partnership with two pharmacy industry leaders: Amina Abubakar, Pharm.D., AAHIVP, community pharmacist and founder and CEO of Avant Institute, and Chris Cornelison, RPh, pharmacist, owner and CEO of Solutions Rx and community pharmacy consultant.

“Today’s independent pharmacists must think beyond dispensing and look for additional ways to provide expanded patient care,” said Abubakar. “The Avant Institute was created to offer training for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy students on the knowledge and practical application of clinical pharmacy services. By offering cognitive screening, community pharmacists can play a crucial role in a health care continuum that serves a diverse and growing at-risk population for dementia.”

 Cognitive health impacts a person’s every activity and action. Easily accessible cognitive function testing has the potential to become part of a standard of care at a much earlier time in a person’s life, while there is still time to possibly mitigate symptoms of impairment prior to more serious disease onset. The subsequent collaborative care model merits ongoing cognitive functional testing outside of a primary care or neurological medical office setting—including community pharmacies.

 “As a pharmacist, entrepreneur and consultant, I work with community pharmacies every day to help them establish protocols and processes that integrate patient value-added clinical services,” said Cornelison. “Implementing Cognivue Thrive, a five-minute self-administered computerized screening of cognitive function, enables community pharmacists to differentiate their business and attract new customers. It strengthens referrals with local physicians by making this service available to their patients, while also complementing in-store sales of products such as brain health supplements.”

 Cognivue’s technologies, including the first FDA-cleared computerized test of cognitive function, are designed to provide healthcare providers a useful tool for cognitive evaluation and diagnosis of various neurodegenerative and neuropsychological disorders. The digital system is engineered to eliminate bias and variability throughout the test that establishes cognitive baselines and provide a concurrent monitoring vehicle for the evaluation and treatment of cognitive issues over time.

 “Cognivue’s technology objectively, quantitatively, and reliably identifies cognitive status and can elevate the standard of care for cognitive health assessment and treatment,” said Tom O’Neill, president and CEO of Cognivue. “Early detection of cognitive impairment is critically important in order for patients to make timely decisions to manage their condition. Our partnership with two well-respected industry leaders such as Amina and Chris will help us unlock the potential reach and significant positive impact community pharmacists can have as part of the health care continuum.”



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