Cold, flu severity drives ThroatCalm sales

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NEWTOWN SQUARE, Pa. — Boiron USA said the severe cough/cold/flu season is driving sales of its revamped ThroatCalm homeopathic sore throat pain reliever.

ThroatCalm_BoironThe product, known until last summer as Roxalia, has has gotten a new look and new packaging along with its new name, and consumers have embraced the change, a company spokeswoman said.

ThroatCalm relieves pain instead of merely numbing it with ingredients like benzocaine, which is found in many over-the counter sore throat drugs.

In addition, ThroatCalm eliminates the need for painful swallowing because the tablets dissolve quickly under the tongue. Boiron said that the product’s soothing quality for dryness and redness is now stated more clearly on the red packaging, which reinforces the connection.

Together with ColdCalm, ThroatCalm reinforces Boiron’s cough/cold/flu category brand block, according to the company.

ThroatCalm is positioned as a must-have for teachers, coaches, vocal sports fans or anyone prone to hoarseness. Its nondrowsy formula has no known drug interactions.



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