Colgate introduces PROCLINICAL toothpaste

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NEW YORK — Colgate-Palmolive has expanded its namesake toothpaste line with Colgate PROCLINICAL, which the company bills as a "professionally inspired" daily toothpaste formulated with clinically proven technologies.

The company said Tuesday that the Colgate PROCLINICAL line provides customized oral care solutions and fights cavities and helps remove plaque with regular brushing. It includes three products: Daily Whitening for removing surface stains, Daily Cleaning for polishing teeth and Daily Renewal for Enamel for fortifying enamel.

Daily Whitening contains ProLuminex crystals, Colgate’s highest level of high-performance whitening silica, to whiten teeth by removing surface stains, while tartar-fighting ingredients work to keep stains from re-depositing on teeth. The clinically proven technology in the Daily Whitening formula has been shown to reduce surface stains after only a few weeks, according to the company.

Meanwhile, Daily Cleaning is formulated with Prophy Silica micro-buffers, an ingredient similar to what dentists use, Colgate-Palmolive said. The Prophy Silica in combination with the high cleaning silica in the formula is designed to give a whole-mouth clean feeling without a gritty feel, leaving teeth whiter and polished. Its dual phosphate system works to remove tartar and the formula fights cavities and helps remove plaque with regular brushing.

And Daily Renewal for Enamel is designed to strengthen tooth enamel by reinforcing weak spots, protecting teeth from food acids and keeping them strong and healthy, according to the company. Containing a ProMinerals complex, comprised of the highest level of fluoride available in a daily toothpaste without a prescription, Daily Renewal for Enamel fights cavities and fortifies tooth enamel, while the flavor leaves gums feeling rejuvenated.

"The launch of Colgate PROCLINICAL marks a significant advancement in premium oral care," Spencer Pingel, general manager of U.S. oral care for Colgate-Palmolive, said in a statement. "Consumers, particularly women, continue to seek proven, professional-grade health and beauty solutions. New Colgate PROCLINICAL responds to this trend by providing a new approach to daily oral care — providing targeted benefits for health and beauty seekers through powerful, clinically proven technologies."

Colgate PROCLINICAL is available now at mass retailers and food and drug stores nationwide for a suggested retail price of $3.99 (at mass retailers) and $4.49 (at food and drug stores). 



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