Colgate Total teams with award-winning producer Randy Jackson on diabetes campaign

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NEW YORK — During the month of November, American Diabetes Month, the American Diabetes Association is conducting a new “Everyday Reality” campaign to bring greater awareness to these daily challenges and build support for those living with the disease. Colgate Total, a long-standing partner of the American Diabetes Association, is sponsoring this new campaign to also draw attention to the important connection between diabetes and gum disease; this year partnering with the award winning producer Randy Jackson to help spread the word.

Randy Jackson

“Living with type-2 diabetes for almost two decades has changed my everyday reality both on and off stage,” said Randy Jackson. “Like everyone else, the health of my teeth and the rest of my mouth is critical, so the link between my diabetes and an increased risk for gum disease requires me to pay extra attention to keeping it healthy.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people with diabetes are twice as likely to develop gum disease, which can begin with the more common swelling and bleeding of the gums – the telltale signs of gingivitis.

While living with diabetes often means changes in almost every routine, which adds to some daily challenges, when it comes to oral care a simple switch can have meaningful benefits.  According to dental experts, active oral care routines, such as brushing with an anti-gingivitis toothpaste, are among the best ways to protect against the development of gum disease.  The unique formula of Colgate Total toothpaste is unsurpassed in its ability to prevent and reverse gingivitis, making it a helpful ally for those at greater risk for gum disease, such as people with diabetes.

“Especially because I know I’m at a higher risk for gum disease, I use Colgate Total every day because it can prevent or reverse gingivitis, making it an easy choice for me in managing one of the everyday challenges of my diabetes,” said Jackson.

For more information about the “Everyday Reality” of living with diabetes, and to learn how you can help raise awareness and support the diabetes community, visit diabetes.org/everydayreality or www.Colgate.com. And follow the #EverydayReality conversation on @Colgate, @AmDiabetesAssn and @RandyJackson.



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