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CURE Pharmaceutical releases new drug delivery line

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OXNARD, Calif.  – CURE Pharmaceutical announces the expansion of its oral drug delivery product line creating CUREform which includes CUREfilm, one of the most advanced oral thin films on the market.  The new line adds CUREpods chewables and emulsions to meet increased demand for alternative dosage forms that can improve solubility and absorption.

“Building on the market demand for CUREfilm for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications, we are expanding our oral formulation platform to redefine how medications are delivered and experienced,” said Rob Davidson, chief executive officer of CURE Pharmaceutical. “We are broadening our manufacturing footprint due to growing market awareness for our ability to deliver formulations at scale.”

CUREform solutions seek to increase drug bioavailability, protect from degradation and offer better palatability through taste masking. The company’s technology includes the new CUREpods, which is a novel chewable delivery system, as well as nano and microemulsions that can be incorporated into various finished dosage forms, including CUREfilm. These technologies complement CUREfilm to enable the delivery of a wider range of active ingredients, including fat-soluble ingredients, as well as higher doses. The combined technologies provide opportunities for both immediate and controlled-release drug delivery.

To meet the increased market demand, CURE will be expanding its manufacturing footprint by 50%, adding new blending, casting and packaging equipment to handle new drug delivery forms at scale. CURE is equipped with a cGMP 25,000 square feet production plant in Oxnard, CA for its manufacturing.


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