CVS: A force in beauty for 50 years

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WOONSOCKET, R.I. — CVS/pharmacy is celebrating 50 years of beauty care by publishing a fall “Look Book” highlighting cosmetics, hair care and other product trends from the 1960s and today.

The 52-page booklet notes that CVS was founded in 1963 as Consumer Value Stores, with a focus on value and ­selection.

“What started as one store in 1963 has now grown to 7,500 stores, and we are the fastest-growing mass beauty retailer in the country,” writes Alex Perez-Tenessa, CVS’ vice president of retail merchandising, beauty and personal care, on one of the booklet’s introductory pages.

The book goes on to detail how beauty regimens have changed since CVS’ early days, and features vintage and contemporary photos to show how times have changed.

“An effective skin care regimen used to be cleansing with a bar of regular soap and smoothing on moisturizer,” the book points out.

“Today those essential components remain, but new technologies and formats allow women to choose their preferred formula and application method for their skin type and lifestyle needs, providing increased ease of use and efficacious results,” the authors say.

The entry goes on to mention spray-on moisturizing lotions and moisturizing cleansers and scrubs, and highlights such brands as Unilever’s St. Ives and Vaseline; Valeant Consumer Products’ CeraVe; and CVS’ own Essence of Beauty.

Other sections discuss antiaging products, cosmetics, hair care and fragrances. The fragrance section points out how scent trends have evolved, from the bolder, sexier fragrances of the 1970s disco era to the cleaner, more minimal scents popular in the 1990s.


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