CVS celebrates fifth anniversary of milestone Beauty Mark initiative

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WOONSOCKET, R.I. — Five years ago, CVS Health embarked on a mission to pass a healthier self-image on to the next generation with the introduction of its trailblazing Beauty Mark initiative – a commitment to lead industry change around transparency in beauty and educate consumers on the difference between authentic and digitally altered photos.

 Since its groundbreaking announcement, CVS has worked closely with all brand partners to redefine industry standards in its beauty aisles and beyond, and in May 2021, reached its goal of full transparency for beauty imagery produced by and for CVS Health.

 In commemoration of the fifth anniversary of Beauty Mark this year, CVS is evolving its mission to address the changing needs of consumers amid the mental health crisis facing the next generation, augmented by the outsized role of social media.

·       85% of Gen Z Americans say social media has a direct impact on their self-esteem and self-image (Source: Express VPN, 2021).

·       40% of girls aged 11 to 16 and 50% of girls 17 to 21 said they’d seen images online in the last year that made them feel insecure or less confident about themselves (Source: Girl Guiding, 2021).

·       50% of parents with children younger than 18 feel their child or children’s mental health has suffered in the last year because of social media use (Source: Harris Poll, 2023).

·       3 in 5 U.S. teen girls reported feeling persistent sadness and hopelessness (Source: C.D.C., 2023).

This May, aligned with Mental Health Awareness Month, CVS will once again stand up as a role model in championing transparency in imagery by challenging consumers to join in its effortas allies for action and accountability to create a healthier feed for a healthier self-image.

·       CVS will roll out a new ‘Role Model’ campaign on May 15, 2023, which powerfully showcases the impact of altered social media imagery on the younger generation.

·       The campaign aims to spark change in social media behavior and encourages consumersto be role models in their own lives by practicing image transparency using #beautyunaltered or#digitallyaltered within their social posts.

·       A CVS Beauty Mark Lens on Snapchat will allow users to see their side-by-side #BeautyUnaltered and #DigitallyAltered image, educating on the effects of altered social media imagery.

“The use of filters on social media has just taken off, and what it’s done is created this unrealistic perception that everyone has it all put together all the time,” said Cara McNulty, president, Behavioral Health and Mental Well-being, CVS Health. “Seeing unaltered images is profoundly important because it allows all of us to realize that everyone is beautiful. It helps normalize that we as humans are perfectly imperfect.”

In addition to its commitment to beauty image transparency, CVS Health offers the following products and services to make mental health care more accessible to those who need it:

·       Depression screenings are available in more than 1,100 MinuteClinic locations across the U.S.

·       In select MinuteClinic® locations consumers have access to in-person and virtual mental health services, including cognitive behavioral therapy.

·       Project Health has expanded its program to offer depression screenings at all events this year.

·       The retailer is offering a number of mental health resources and guides on CVSHealth.com, including a resource center around different populations – from the LGBTQ+ community to young adults to parents and caregivers – and their unique mental health needs.

For more information on the CVS Beauty Mark initiative, visit https://www.cvs.com/content/beauty-mark


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