CVS expands free wellness screenings in California

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Project Health offers an array of free health assessment screenings.

LOS ANGELES — As part of its commitment to building healthier communities across the country, CVS Health announced Wednesday it is expanding its free health and wellness screening campaign statewide in California throughout 2019, including in FresnoLos AngelesSacramentoSan Diego and San Francisco.

Project Health, which provides access to care in multicultural communities with a large number of uninsured or underinsured Americans, will take place at select CVS Pharmacy locations in the greater Los Angeles and Fresno areas beginning Thursday, January 31.

“Better health starts at the community level, and Project Health delivers affordable and convenient access to free services that help identify health concerns and risk factors for our neighbors who may not have otherwise sought preventative care,” said Dr. Troyen Brennan, chief medical officer, CVS Health. “Chronic conditions, which can often be life-threatening, can be treated very effectively when identified early at screenings such as Project Health, and can help to improve a patient’s overall health and well-being.”

Project Health offers an array of free comprehensive health assessment screenings, including blood pressure, Body Mass Index (BMI), glucose and total cholesterol screenings, which can help detect risk for chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.

The expansion of Project Health will also do more to screen for social determinants of health that affect personal health and communities. About 60 percent of life expectancy is driven by behavioral, social and environmental factors including family, education, housing, and access to fresh food. Project Health events have a proven track record of improving patient engagement and ultimately, healthier outcomes.

Since it was founded in 2006, Project Health has delivered more than $127 million in free health care services to nearly 1.7 million Americans. More than 87 percent of patients who attend Project Health events report following-up with their primary care physician and were significantly more likely to proactively discuss their blood pressure, BMI and blood sugar levels, according to the company’s own metrics. Additionally, 95 percent of participants said they would recommend Project Health to a family member or friend.

A total of 256 events will take place throughout 2019, including year-round in Los Angeles, and will begin in San Francisco in March, Sacramento in May and San Diego in July. Project Health events, which will be held on Thursday Sunday in rotating stores across each city, are open to everyone and do not require an appointment. For a full calendar of event, please visit cvs.com/projecthealth.

“We are proud to offer Project Health in more CVS Pharmacy locations across California this year,” said Hank Casillas, divisional vice president, CVS Health. “The free health screenings are a simple and local way for people to access much-needed health services, and are just one more way we are delivering on our company’s purpose of helping people on their path to better health.”

Once screened, patients have access to on-site consultations with bilingual nurse practitioners or physician assistants who will analyze results and refer patients who require additional medical care and follow up to no-cost or low-cost medical facilities nearby or to their primary care physician.



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