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CVS extending health care reach

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WOONSOCKET, R.I. — CVS Health plans to extend its Transform Diabetes Care initiative to four more disease states over the next two years.

The program is expected to also cover asthma, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and depression by midsummer 2019.
Launched late last year, Transform Diabetes Care is designed to lower pharmacy costs through aggressive trend management and reduce medical costs by improving medication adherence, A1c control and lifestyle management.

“We’ve been talking for many years about the value of adherence,” chief operating officer Jon Roberts said this month during a conference call discussing second quarter results. Transform Diabetes Care has been welcomed by clients trying to curb costs, he said. “It is positioning us as a partner to not only provide pharmacy services but also help manage the overall health care costs for those clients.”

“People are interested in solutions,” Roberts added. “There have been solutions in the marketplace, but they are point solutions, so they can now come to us and get a comprehensive program and we can talk about not only their pharmacy costs but their medical costs.”

CVS president and chief executive officer Larry Merlo said Transform Diabetes Care has helped control costs for clients “in a differentiated way, recognizing that diabetes has been a contributor to trends over the last couple years.” At the same time, it has provided more effective care and better outcomes for patients “by monitoring their blood glucose in real time and avoiding unnecessary visits to the physician or to the emergency room.”

“That’s what we’re out there selling right now, and there has been a high level of interest,” Merlo said.

Roberts said the initiative boosts market share for CVS because participants have to be in one of the company’s channels to benefit. “So I do think there is share shift. There will be share shift that comes as clients adopt these programs.”


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