CVS in pact to carry Crave-NX diet aid spray

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WORCESTER, Mass. — CVS/pharmacy stores nationwide are carrying the Crave-NX 7-Day Diet Aid Spray under a distribution agreement with manufacturer Generex Biotechnology Corp.

Generex said the pharmacy chain agreed to begin marketing Crave-NX in its network of over 7,000 drug stores beginning this month.

The company added that it plans to support the retail launch with a focused advertising campaign of television, radio and print ads in such major markets as New York, New Jersey, Houston and Dallas.

Crave-NX is an orange-flavored solution sprayed into the mouth that Generex said is scientifically formulated to quickly curb cravings during the day.

According to the company, the spray has been clinically tested and provides 20 servings per bottle, with just two calories per serving and zero fat. The product is designed to help "Spray the Crave Away" by controlling the user’s sweet tooth and junk food cravings throughout the day, which Generex noted can save up to 1,000 calories per day.

Generex reported that both companies aim to position Crave-NX as a complement to other diet products and/or programs.

"The launching of Crave-NX 7-Day Diet Spray with this major pharmacy chain is a significant step forward for Generex as it enters its commercialization phase and a key part of our global marketing strategy," Bill Abajian, senior executive adviser of global licensing and business development for Generex, said in a statement. "Not only will this make our product widely available to consumers across the U.S., it also adds significant credibility for us as we roll out this brand.

"We formulated Crave-NX 7-Day Diet Spray to act as a useful tool to combat those late morning and late afternoon snack cravings that lead to excessive calorie intake as well as obesity, and we are fully prepared to support the pharmacy’s sales efforts," Abajian added. "We have an aggressive media campaign consisting of TV, radio and print ads to create market awareness on the benefits of this product to coincide with the launch."

Generex, which specializes in drug delivery for metabolic diseases through the inner lining of the mouth, last month announced an agreement with drug chain Duane Reade to carry Crave-NX in its 250-plus stores in metropolitan New York.


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