CVS Pay now available across U.S.

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WOONSOCKET, R.I. — CVS Pay, an end-to-end mobile payment program at CVS Pharmacy, has been rolled out ­nationwide.

CVS Pay_mobile app screenCVS Pay is now part of the CVS Pharmacy mobile app, and it integrates payment, prescription pickup and the ExtraCare loyalty program into one scan at checkout.

CVS Pay is an example of the company’s larger commitment to developing digital tools that simplify the customer experience, making it easier for consumers everywhere to manage their health better.

“We know that our customers lead busy lives, so our digital efforts are focused on making it easier for them to do simple but important things like picking up prescriptions,” said CVS Health senior vice president and chief digital officer Brian Tilzer. “That’s why we are thrilled to launch CVS Pay to CVS Pharmacy app users ­nationwide.

“For our customers, CVS Pay offers more than just a payment solution: It’s a seamless, quick-and-easy user experience that makes picking up prescriptions and shopping at CVS Pharmacy even more convenient,” Tilzer noted.

CVS Pay first launched as a pilot program in August in the New York City metro area, and the company said that adoption of the program as well as feedback from customers exceeded expectations.

Now available to all users of the CVS Pharmacy mobile app, CVS Pay simplifies the checkout experience for customers nationwide. CVS Pay users have the ability to refill prescriptions, manage multiple sripts, and now pickup and pay for them, all within the app.

Additionally, customers can link their ExtraCare card with CVS Pay, meaning a single scan at checkout will process all ExtraCare deals, earn new rewards and handle payment for the transaction.

For another added level of convenience, customers can also use CVS Pay at the drive-through pharmacy window, where they can share a pickup number found within the CVS Pharmacy mobile app.



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