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CVS Pharmacy y más makes L.A. debut

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LOS ANGELES — Adding to the dozen locations it opened in June 2015, CVS Pharmacy launched nine CVS Pharmacy y más stores last month in the greater Los Angeles area. These specialized stores provide enhanced, personalized service to the local Hispanic community.

The nine L.A. area stores will have the new format, which includes completely bilingual signage and staff, the addition of more than 1,500 trusted Hispanic products and more competitive pricing on hundreds of products.

“Bringing CVS Pharmacy y más to Los Angeles was a natural next step as part of our goal to better meet the unique needs of our local Hispanic customers,” said Hank Casillas, area vice president of CVS Pharmacy. “CVS Pharmacy y más stores are designed to become a one-stop shop for local Hispanic residents to conveniently receive best-in-class pharmacy services, as well as customized products and services, in an environment that feels like home.”

Unique features to CVS pharmacy y más include the bilingual customer service, with fully bilingual associates and signage and the 1,500 new products, including many of the most popular Hispanic brands in categories such as groceries, over-the-counter medications, household cleaners, snacks, appliances, cookware, cosmetics, baby items, and hair care products.

More than 300 of the new products introduced will be manufactured in California, including El Alteño, Betel, Eternalux Candles, De La Cruz, La Llave, Bactimicina, Tadin, Cabellina shampoo, Don Francisco coffee and Doña Remedios teas.

The stores also feature a new fragrance counter, with a new fragrance department, which is staffed with trained beauty associates, featuring a large assortment of designer fragrances at everyday-low prices. Value is enhanced with lower prices on hundreds of products throughout the store and more value-size products. Pricing is competitive, and there are more value-size packs on hundreds of products. Expanded services, such as bill payments, domestic and international wireless recharge, money transfers, and lottery, are available.

“With CVS Pharmacy y más, we did more than just add more Hispanic products on our shelves. We took a strategic look to truly understand what the Hispanic consumer wanted in a drug store and how we could fulfill some of their unmet needs,” said Gabe Navarro, chief of Hispanic consumer growth at CVS Pharmacy. “We understand that our Hispanic customers are looking for a more personalized shopping experience where they can find their favorite brands at competitive prices, convenient services and a higher level of customer service in an environment where they feel at home.”


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