Deloitte and Google Cloud to collaborate on transformative solutions

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SAN FRANCISCO — Deloitte and Google Cloud announced Wednesday plans to collaborate on next-generation solutions for the life sciences and health care, financial services and retail sectors. Google Cloud made the announcement at its annual conference in San Francisco, Google Cloud Next, attended by more than 30,000 developers, partners and technology leaders.

To start, both Deloitte and Google Cloud will develop solutions and services targeted for the following sectors:

  • Life Sciences and Health Care: Accelerating the pace of biomedical research, improving health care access, optimizing operations, and modernizing the management of health care data.
  • Financial services: Powering comprehensive, integrated solutions that support banking and capital markets, insurance, and investment management sectors. These solutions will leverage Google Cloud’s scalable infrastructure, high-performance computing capabilities and applied AI, helping customers better enable quantitative analysts and researchers to convert ideas into profitable strategies, or even help detect anomalies associated with financial crimes.
  • Retail: Supporting retail growth through better consumer insights and engagement, in addition to developing connected supply chains and enabling improved cost savings through an efficient, modern commerce infrastructure.

“We are thrilled to make this commitment with Google Cloud to bring the power of its leading technologies to our enterprise clients,” said Janet Foutty, chair and chief executive officer, Deloitte Consulting and chair-elect, Deloitte. “Together, we plan to transform operating models across these key sectors by harnessing the power of cloud technologies and the extensive industry-specific knowledge and experience of our practitioners.”

“Deloitte’s reputation for enterprise transformation makes them an ideal teammate for us as we expand our cloud into new industries and with the world’s biggest customers,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud. “Industries from health care to financial services to retail share a need to modernize — quickly. We’re excited to join with Deloitte and deliver solutions and technology to help them do just that.”

Deloitte was also recognized as Google Cloud’s Global Services Partner of the Year, for its solutions related to analytics, machine learning, cloud-native application development, SAP, security, workload migration and managed services. Deloitte has now won this award two years in a row, underscoring the strength of the relationship with Google Cloud and the breadth of solutions the two organizations offer their clients.



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