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Designer Greetings helps stores curate mix

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EDISON, N.J.— Now in business for over 40 years, Designer Greetings continues to look for new ways to make the category relevant and thriving at drug stores and other retail outlets.

“As a leader in the industry, Designer Greetings has one of the most extensive greeting card lines in the United States. Designer Greetings is virtually unrivaled in terms of quality, value and depth, with more than 22,000 everyday and seasonal designs. Designer Greetings offers a range of styles from traditional to alternative and from humorous to sentimental,” says Dawn Garvey, chief financial officer of Designer Greetings.

“In the digital world today, paper cards have become more meaningful. It is achieving a deeper connection that people really care about. That’s what greeting cards provide,” she adds.

Garvey points out that the company has a lot of exciting things in store for 2023, including a new card line that will exceed expectations and truly show what they are capable of as a company. “Additionally, we are expanding our Designer Papers stationery line to include undated stationery products, which allows consumers to fill in their own months and dates for an entirely customizable ­experience.”

Garvey says celestial and astrology are huge trends in the card and stationery world right now, as well as fruit patterns and animal artwork. “People have also been gravitating toward sarcasm and motivational words of self-empowerment, so those can be found on several of our products.”

She says she is seeing some new trends with the company’s products and the greeting card market heading into 2023. “We’ve been trending toward cards and stationery that incorporate diversity and inclusivity, both with everyday occasions and special holidays.” She adds that she is also seeing more pharmacies converting to a store-in-a-store concept to give the consumers convenience in their card and gift shopping experience. “Card$mart Store-in-a-Store is our way of bringing the most value to this concept, with high-quality cards that are 50% off their usual price point.”

Garvey notes that the company’s biggest push this year is working with small, independent pharmacies and helping them to have the right title selection to meet their needs.

She adds that she will have new additions for spring and Easter. “Each year, we come out with many new Easter and graduation cards. Lately, we’ve been focusing on handmade premier cards with attachments and embellishments, putting a fancier spin on traditional cards.”

She adds that Glitterwrap, part of Designer Greetings, is one of the most respected brands in the gift wrap industry. The continually growing line of gift bags, roll wrap and flat wrap is extensive and includes hundreds of designs in a wide variety of patterns and colors. Glitterwrap highlights life’s important events while maximizing visual impact. Products include gift bags, roll/flat wrap, tissue, ribbon, bows and gift enclosure cards. These are all coordinated and displayed together for one-stop-shopping ease.

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