Diplomat spotlights hepatitis C care

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Diplomat Pharmacy is recognizing National Hepatitis Awareness Month with a campaign to honor patients and their caregivers.

To that end, the specialty pharmacy has posted an online video that tells the story of sisters Jacque and Susy, two hepatitis C patients who discuss their experience with the disease and treatment through Diplomat. The video also illustrates that specialty pharmacy care involves more than just administering medication.

On its website, Diplomat said its coordinated care program for hepatitis centers on patients’ short- and long-term goals for therapy. Each patient is connected with an individual care team of registered nurses and personnel specially trained in hepatitis care, who assist emotionally and logistically, coordinating treatments and providing assistance 24/7. Diplomat said it works toward a sustained virologic response for patients, supports treatment adherence and monitors potential side effects.

As a full-service pharmacy, Diplomat is able to provide prescribers the full class of hepatitis drugs, and it can help identify third-party financial support options, as well as offer prior approval and appeals services.

“The stories of Jacque and Susy echo the true testament of Diplomat’s patient-centric focus,” commented Diplomat chairman and chief executive officer Phil Hagerman. “At Diplomat, we’re champions for our hepatitis C patients and their support systems. We work daily to help make hepatitis C a thing of the past and are proud to stand by our patients during and after their treatment.”

National Hepatitis Awareness Month is aimed at boosting the awareness of hepatitis C virus (HCV), its impact on patients’ lives and the need for those at risk of the disease to get tested.

HCV is an infectious disease that causes inflammation of the liver, which can diminish the liver function or cause liver failure. Some individuals with chronic C infection may develop cirrhosis, in which the liver is replaced by scar tissue, eventually preventing the liver from functioning properly.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 3.2 million Americans are infected with HCV.



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