Discount Drug Mart enlists Medicare plan tool

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NEW YORK — Discount Drug Mart plans to launch the iMedicare service at its 73 drug stores in Ohio.

iMedicare said Thursday that its decision-automation platform will expand Discount Drug Mart’s current pharmacy service offerings to help patients in evaluating Medicare plan options based on their specific medications and needs.

Discount Drug Mart_Brunswick Hills store“iMedicare has proven valuable for our pharmacists when providing support for our patients trying to navigate the maze that Medicare plan selection can be,” Jason Briscoe, director of pharmacy operations at Medina, Ohio-based Discount Drug Mart, said in a statement. “The user-friendly platform provides accurate information within a matter of seconds. As we continue to expand our role as health care providers, there is nothing more valuable to a pharmacist than time.”

Designed to help patients lower their out-of-pocket costs, the iMedicare service — used by more than 5,000 pharmacies — can be used to research and compare information about local and national Medicare plans during the open enrollment period as well as throughout the year.

The company noted that its software integrates smoothly into a pharmacy’s workflow by automating and simplifying the plan finding process.

“We are excited to partner with Discount Drug Mart to help expand the superior care they already offer their patients,” stated Flaviu Simihaian, chief executive officer of iMedicare. “With 10,000 folks turning 65 every day, the importance of personalized counseling has never been greater, yet the time a pharmacist has available is more constrained. iMedicare empowers pharmacies to offer that quality consultation while also remaining in workflow and saving time.”



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