Dove Men+Care unites rivals for March Madness

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ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J. — NCAA March Madness is known for some of the most intense and deep-seated rivalries in sports history. That’s why, this March Madness, Dove Men+Care will bring college basketball’s biggest rivals together by turning the jersey into a symbol of unity.

In partnership with menswear designer and caring dad Don C., Dove Men+Care is creating limited-edition jerseys that pay homage to the three biggest rivalries in basketball, starting with the iconic Tobacco Road rivalry. The most significant road in North Carolina college basketball, Tobacco Road, is a ten mile stretch that connects the teams. This century-old rivalry is one of the most notable match-ups in sports history. Don C. has created a truly custom, vintage-inspired jersey that blends standout elements from each team’s heritage and shared culture. Two additional rivalry jerseys designed by Don C., and inspired by team history, will be dropped in surprise locations throughout the month of March.

Dove Men+Care understands rivalries define college basketball fan culture, but they’re often seen as divisive. Yet, rival teams and fans share more than what is initially presumed. In fact, rivalries are created because of evenly matched technical skills, geographical proximity, and shared histories. These similarities drive unity between rival teams and fan bases and Dove Men+Care research shows that 98% of men believe that a positive experience/culture enhances their sporting experience. By creating jerseys that unify fans in a clear way, Dove Men+Care aims to celebrate what brings fans together, rather than what keeps them apart.

The brand will also partner with basketball greats like Jay Williams, Antawn Jamison and more to inspire fans everywhere to come together and #ReptheRivalry this season. Together, these former opponents will don their jerseys to pay homage to their rivalries.

“I will always remember the thrill of playing against my team’s biggest rival. The energy and passion we all channeled into playing against our opponent knew no bounds,” said Williams, a basketball analyst and former national champion. “Rivalries in sports are what drive us to come back to the courts again and again. It’s what we all have in common. Regardless of which side of your own Tobacco Road you fall on, I hope to see you donning your jersey in celebration of unity this season.”


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