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Duane Reade ramps up brand efforts

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NEW YORK — Looking to solidify itself as New Yorkers’ drug chain of choice, Duane Reade Inc. has kicked off the second phase of a massive advertising campaign and launched an exclusive brand of food and beverages.

Executives at the 250-store chain say the print ads on buses, subways, phone kiosks, billboards and other outdoor spaces throughout New York City aim to convey the brand attributes of Duane Reade and are a marketing component of a business transformation that has been under way since late 2008.

“With this latest wave of creative, we are continuing to communicate directly with New Yorkers to establish a unique voice for our brand,” acting chief marketing officer Joe Jackman says. “As Duane Reade is part of the fabric of life in the city, we think it’s important that this dialogue takes place on the streets, on city subways and buses and in our stores.

“Moreover,” he says, “we are delighted that our customers are telling us that the ads really resonate and feel right.”

Executives say the campaign, which carries the tagline “Your city. Your drug store. Duane Reade,” is designed to convey the message that Duane Reade understands the unique nature of life in the city and what it takes to survive there.

Meanwhile, inside its stores, Duane Reade has rolled out a 25-item food line under the DR Delish label. The product line includes juices, vitamin-enhanced teas, trail mix, potato crisps, cookies, brownies and multigrain snacks.

“We know New Yorkers want and need their drug store to offer convenience and value,” chief merchandising officer Joe Magnacca says. “But they also want more interesting, unique and high-quality food products and beverages that taste great.

“We believe we’ve achieved a fantastic combination of these attributes with our DR Delish line, and we’re delighted to begin offering it to New Yorkers, a particularly tough audience.”
DR Delish products have advantages over many national brands, according to Magnacca.

He points out, for instance, that the line’s chocolate chip with pecan cookies have more than 20% more chocolates and pecans than a comparable product from Pepperidge Farm Inc. and that the DR Delish chocolate chip classic cookie has 60% more chocolate chips than Nabisco Brands Inc.’s Chips Ahoy.


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