Eosera expands distribution, more than doubles sales in 2019

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FORT WORTH – Amid rapid growth and impressive market success, biotech company Eosera announced on Tuesday that it is partnering with two of the largest national drug wholesale distributors to carry their product line. The company also reported it more than doubled their sales last year.

Eosera products are made in Fort Worth, Texas and distributed to over 13,000 retail drug stores nationwide. Photograph by Jennifer Piccolo

“Eosera is busy manufacturing new and existing products (in house, as always) to keep up with supplier and distributor demand. Along with products in over 13,000 retail drug stores across the nation, you can now find Eosera products through two of the largest national drug wholesale distributors Cardinal Health and McKesson Corp.,” said Elyse Dickerson, chief executive officer. “Additionally, all Eosera products are always available on Eosera’s website, www.EARcareMD.com. The new products, developed by our scientists at Eosera, are based on consumer market research that Eosera conducted,” she added.

According to the research, consumers requested routine ear cleaning products and ear itch products. Eosera delivered on this request by developing Ear Itch MD, Ear Itch MD Nighttime, and Ear Clean MD. From conception to store shelves, each product takes about 18-24 months to develop.

Both Dickerson and CSO Joe Griffin noted that the best parts of developing new products is the creativity involved and the challenge of meeting the needs of the consumer. “It’s all about understanding what the consumer needs are and figuring out how to address them in a way that’s different from what the competitors are doing,” said Dickerson. “It’s rewarding to develop something that can help people that doesn’t currently exist. It’s gratifying to see a project from start to finish,” added Griffin.

Eosera developed three new products in the last year, and they’ve more than doubled their sales from the previous year. In 2019, the sales grew 128% compared to the previous year, and they continue to climb again into the new year.

“Not only are the sales growing rapidly, but Eosera products are growing the ear care category itself in retail drug stores across the nation. Earwax MD is driving significant growth in the earwax removal category, and Ear Itch MD is the first and only product of its kind. Additionally, Ear Pain MD is up 163% since last year according to the latest Nielsen data,” Dickerson concluded.


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