Eosera’s ear care products hit shelves at Rite Aid stores nationwide

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FORT WORTH, Texas  — Joining Amazon and thousands of CVS stores, Rite Aid becomes the latest major retailer to sell Eosera’s line of ear care products, including Earwax MD and Ear Pain MD. Eosera’s clinically proven Earwax MD offers a fundamental leap in efficacy over traditional earwax removal products. The millions of people who suffer from earwax impaction can finally find private, comfortable, and affordable relief.

Elyse Dickerson,

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of Earwax MD and Ear Pain MD in the full chain of Rite Aid stores,” said Elyse Dickerson, chief executive officer of Eosera. “Customers will be able to find the product in the ear care aisle of all Rite Aid stores starting in May. Our goal is to make our products easily accessible to the millions of shoppers searching for innovative solutions for their ear care needs.”

She said that earwax (cerumen) accumulation is a healthy, useful process that normally resolves naturally. However, cerumen can become impacted when earwax accumulates and hardens within the ear canal, potentially causing discomfort, tinnitus, and hearing loss. Too often, because earwax is perceived as “dirty,” sufferers may avoid seeking help until symptoms become very pronounced.

A few statistics encompass this situation and its market:

• 6% of the global population suffers from cerumen impaction (NIH.gov)
• Impaction strikes some groups more prominently, including up to 10% of children and 65% of seniors over age 65 (NIH.gov)
• In the U.S., roughly 12 million people seek medical attention for cerumen-related problems, resulting in nearly 8 million ear irrigations (NIH.gov)
• In 2012, Medicare paid about $47 million for over 1 million earwax removals (PBS.org)
• Over 153 million people globally are treated for impacted earwax annually (World Bank 2015)

“While this is a small market for a major pharmaceutical manufacturer, it was perfect for a disrupter like Eosera with a truly innovative product and an audience in underserved need. While the total earwax removal category is up 7.8% for the year (AC Nielsen), Earwax MD is up 166% in the same period. Retailers that have Earwax MD on the shelf have seen their category grow as much as 30%, outpacing the market,” she pointed out.

Here you will find an informative video “Eosera Founders Introduce Their Vision” and Earwax MD.



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