Eosera’s Earwax MD rolls out at CVS Pharmacy

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DALLAS — Building on a successful retail debut this spring at, Eosera Inc. has launched its Earwax MD earwax removal solution nationwide at CVS Pharmacy stores.

Elyse Dickerson, co-founder and chief executive officer of Eosera, said between 6,000 and 7,000 CVS locations are now carrying Earwax MD, which began appearing on shelves in the retailer’s ear care section in early August.

CVS marks the first national drug chain distribution for Earwax MD. Eosera revealed plans roll out the over-the-counter product to CVS stores when it announced the launch at Amazon, the first major retailer to offer Earwax MD.

“Distribution in a large chain drug store allows us to serve a different set of customers,” Dickerson said. “Fifty-eight percent of people 65 and older suffer from an overproduction of earwax. They are a key demographic for the new Earwax MD technology. Many of these customers prefer to shop for health care products in a drug store, rather than online. Our goal is to drive the more than 18 million people seeking medical attention for earwax removal to purchase Earwax MD for effective at-home treatment.”

Dickerson called Earwax MD a “game changer” for the earwax removal category because the product works quickly and its efficacy is backed by scientific data and a clinical study.

“Earwax MD is a new patent-pending technology designed to dissolve earwax in 15 minutes. It is a topical drop that works to breakdown earwax quickly and safely in the ear canal,” she explained. “Earwax MD is the first product on the market that is proven to dissolve earwax in 86% of patients in 15 to 30 minutes. While Earwax MD’s speed of effectiveness varies slightly among patients — because each patient has a different type of earwax — the product is increasingly considered by health care professionals to be far better than anything currently on the market to solve earwax impaction.”

With the ear care section typically undergoing a once-a-year reset in stores, Earwax MD brings some much-needed innovation to the category, according to Dickerson.

“Retailers should be excited because Earwax MD will increase the overall dollar value of the ear care category with its premium price. Earwax MD also provides the retailer a healthy penny profit for each unit sold, doubling or tripling the dollars they are making on other earwax removal products,” she said.

Elyse Dickerson_Eosera_Earwax MD

Elyse Dickerson

Eosera’s marketing game plan for Earwax MD is twofold.

“First, we promote our science and efficacy to the health care professional community. We promote Earwax MD at key medical meetings, such as the American Academy of Otolaryngology and American Academy of Audiology Annual Meetings. We count on these doctors to provide validation and recommend of our product to patients with impacted earwax,” Dickerson said. “Second, we have a robust social media campaign to consumers that provides educational information for ear care.”

That approached has clicked, as Earwax MD’s sales through Amazon “have been through the roof,” Dickerson reported.

“The response to Earwax MD has been incredible,” she said. “We are able to get a lot of realtime feedback from both consumers and doctors through our website and the Amazon portal. In our clinical study, 86% of patients saw a complete clearing of their wax, which is consistent with what we are seeing in the market. We have received many personal testimonials from consumers stating that Earwax MD has provided a much-needed solution to an earwax problem that has plagued them for years. We are in the process of videoing a lot of these testimonials to share via social media.”

When Earwax MD was announced early this year, Eosera described the product as the first topical earwax treatment innovation in over 50 years. The proprietary formula’s dual action cuts through lipids and wax and disrupts the skin cells and debris that make up earwax.

Additional retail distribution is expected in the coming months. “We are in discussions with a majority of the major retailers,” Dickerson said. “Although we cannot yet say exactly which retailers will be taking Earwax MD into their next reset, it will be widespread in the next six to 12 months.”


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