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Euclid Medical Products updates Vantage Software

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APPLE CREEK, Ohio– Euclid Medical Products, a leading manufacturer of pharmacy automation equipment, announces brand new updates to their Vantage Barcode Labeling Software, a customizable labeling program providing a single user interface to all Euclid Medical Products packaging systems.

The updated Vantage Barcode Labeling Software is included in the purchase of all new packaging systems, including the Cadet Solidand Liquid Unit Dose Packaging Machines, the Axial unit- and multi-dose packaging machine, the Vantage Label Printer (which compliments the Atomic Liquid Unit Dose Machine) and the Vantage Bagging Machine. The Vantage Barcode Labeling Software seamlessly integrates with each device eliminating the need for multiple software applications.

“We are determined to exceed customer expectations by providing our users with updated and accessible features needed in today’s pharmacies,” said Kevin Copsey, Business Unit Director for Euclid Medical Products. “The Vantage™ Barcode Labeling Software is built to stand the test of time with free online updates so our customers always have the latest and most efficient tools to keep operations running smoothly.”

The Vantage Barcode Labeling Software’s newest updates now include access to the FDA database with weekly updates which will help customers minimize human error when inputting medication details and cut down the manual process. In addition, the Vantage Software update comes equipped with Password Aging to meet hospital security demands, incorporation of images of barcodes or labels in reports, frequent online updates and more. A full list of the new upgrades to the Vantage Barcode Labeling Software can be found below:

  • Customizable auto-expiration dating (by days or months),
  • FDA database (free) with weekly updates,
  • Password Aging to meet hospital requirements,
  • Built in database backup management,
  • Online updates,
  • Image of barcodes or label in reports, and
  • An ability to do a locked template so all labels look consistent.

For more than 40 years, Euclid Medical Products has offered complete and future-proof solutions for those looking for easy-to-use unit- and multi-dose packaging and barcoding systems. The Vantage™ Software is designed to be your sole software for all of your automated packaging needs, increase operational efficiencies, and ensure patient safety.


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