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Excedrin intros limited editions targeting top headache-inducing moments

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WARREN, N.J. — The millions of people who experience headaches associated with commuting, dating or adulting finally have a Limited Edition pain reliever to call their own. Starting today, Excedrin is launching three special edition versions of its popular Excedrin pain reliever, including “Commuter Edition,” “Bad Date Edition” and “Adulting Edition,” to bring relief where it’s needed most. These Limited Editions are available exclusively at while supplies last.

“While the way headaches feel and impact people is very personal, there are some universal headache-inducing moments that many can relate to, be it bumper-to-bumper traffic during the daily commute, a bad date or simply navigating the woes of adulthood,” says Dr. Elizabeth Seng, a New York based clinical psychologist and Excedrin head pain expert. “Regardless of what your headache looks or feels like, we all share the same yearning for relief. I’m excited to help Excedrin in this important mission to deliver relief and empathy for headache sufferers.”

To help bring relief where it’s needed most, Excedrin is partnering with food expert, Antoni Porowski and fashion designer Tan France, to share their personal experience with headaches and discuss the impact they can have on daily life. As two popular TV personalities, they know all about how hectic life can be and are no strangers to some of life’s most common headaches.

While all Limited Editions are available at starting today, the Commuter Edition is also available exclusively outside one of the busiest, and most headache-inducing hubs, New York Penn Station, starting at 7:00 a.m.

The Excedrin Limited Editions are an extension of We See Your Pain, a program designed to help unite head pain sufferers and unveil the often invisible pain they endure through creative visualizations.

By listening to consumer commentary on social media, Excedrin found that people describe headaches with far more vivid imagery than other typical types of body pain. While common, headaches are unique and often inexplicable.  As a leader in head pain for more than 50 years, Excedrin sees the head pain sufferers endure, and knows what causes it. This year, Excedrin is bringing real consumer insights to life by showcasing headaches and headache moments through custom visualizations and Limited Editions.

“People describe headaches with such vivid imagery—waves crashing, a wrecking ball, gears grinding,” said James Masterson, marketing director, Excedrin. “Through our We See Your Pain campaign, we hope to demonstrate a new kind of understanding and relief for head pain sufferers. We want headache sufferers to know we understand their pain, we know what causes it, and we’re here to help.”



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