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FASTEN unveils sustainable, luxury refill concept for makeup and skincare products

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ONTARIO, Canada FASTEN, an IBG (Innovative Beauty Group) company and a leading global beauty solutions provider, has introduced its Recharge Luxury Refill, a sustainable cosmetic refill system ideal for makeup and skincare products. Available in several sizes including 30 ml and 100 ml, the series combines upscale appeal with eco-friendliness.

FASTEN’s Recharge Luxury Refill is made entirely from PP and PET. Both materials are recycling stream compatible, since their recycled granulates can be reintegrated into manufacturing settings. Notably, the design also includes the first all-PP cosmetic pump on the market.

In addition, the Recharge Luxury Refill system was designed with a bottomless, clear outer frame, instead of a full outer bottle, which leads to significant weight reduction, reduced material usage and full visibility of the refill. The inner refill bottle is lightweight and features an easy click-in system with a pre-assembled PP dip tube that prevents cross-contamination when refilling.

Additional sustainable features include the elimination of glue, the option to add a debossed logo rather than inked decoration, and a small mushroom blister on the shell.

IBG, a division of Albea Group, is comprised of Orchard Custom Beauty and FASTEN and serves several dynamic mass and prestige beauty brands. The company applies its industry expertise to support its customers with innovative and responsible custom and turnkey solutions that include design, sourcing, formula development, bespoke packaging and accessories for color cosmetics, skin care, personal care, home care, hair care, and gifts with purchase.

“At FASTEN, our design and engineering teams are constantly on the lookout for new techniques, innovative materials and sustainable solutions, while collectively working towards translating new trends and ideas into unique packaging concepts,” said Ilja Zutt, Managing Director of FASTEN. “The Recharge Luxury Refill is a result of this steadfast effort and one we are thrilled to bring to market, with demand for conscious beauty at an all-time high.”


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