First Databank arms professionals, consumers with COVID-19 resources

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SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — First Databank (FDB) announced it is offering authoritative drug- and medical device-related information about novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on its website for healthcare professionals and consumers at no cost.

“We recognize that with the constantly changing COVID-19 pandemic, these are unprecedented times,” said FDB president Bob Katter. “During this public health crisis, with a large amount of information circulating on the Internet and in the general press, FDB is stepping in to provide clarity to health care professionals and consumers through our objective and authoritative drug and medical device information relevant to COVID-19.”

Katter reiterated that FDB is committed to supporting frontline healthcare workers, patients and consumers during the pandemic. “On behalf of everyone at FDB, we thank all of the selfless healthcare workers who have dedicated themselves to caring for patients, and who are putting themselves and potentially their families at risk to serve,” he said. “They are the true heroes of our time.”

Clinically Trusted Resources for Healthcare Professionals

As a service to healthcare professionals, FDB has launched dedicated COVID-19 drug and medical device resource pages on its website:

Drugs: https://www.fdbhealth.com/covid-19/covid-19-related-drug-information

Medical Devices and Durable Medical Equipment: https://www.fdbhealth.com/covid-19/covid-19-related-medical-device-information

The drug information related to COVID-19 focuses on three medications currently being tested for use by clinicians to treat the virus: remdesivir, chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine. Information on these medications is also available to consumers through FDB’s MedKnowledge solution, the most widely used drug database in the United States and Canada; and through FDB’s Meducation solution, which provides patient medication instructions that help improve medication adherence. The COVID-19 medication web page also includes FDB’s specialty-drug content for healthcare professionals for these three medications. All of this information is available to FDB customers and the general public to view and download at no cost or obligation.

The medical device information from FDB—curated from the company’s FDB Prizm medical device knowledge platform and other available sources—includes an extensive list of manufacturers and vendors of COVID-19-related supplies such as ventilators, N95 masks, gloves, and other personal protective equipment. Part numbers and unique device identifier (UDI) information from FDB’s exclusive databases are included, as well as each manufacturer’s contact information. This information is also available free of charge to healthcare providers, once they complete a short form for authentication purposes.

“FDB is aware that critical hospital supplies to care for patients with COVID-19 are scarce,” Katter said. “We hope that this information will help healthcare organizations identify new suppliers for these items when they need them most.”

Hospitals and other healthcare organizations that would like to access this resource can complete and submit the contact form on FDB’s website at: https://www.fdbhealth.com/covid-19/covid-19-related-medical-device-information. FDB will be updating this information as new suppliers enter the market—including some non-traditional distributors that are participating to meet the need—and will send these updates to everyone who has requested the list.

United Effort Across Hearst Health

This information resource initiative from FDB spans across its parent company, Hearst Health, which is dedicated to offering much-needed knowledge and services to fight the pandemic. Zynx Health, another Hearst Health company, which is committed to providing evidence-based guidance, vital information, and processes that guide care decisions and reduce care complexity, is offering summaries of articles on the COVID-19 outbreak, curated by the Zynx Clinical Team, including clinical updates and commentary. Like the FDB resources, Zynx’s order set and care plans for COVID-19 are available at no cost to clinicians and will be updated as the fast-evolving situation unfolds.

“We understand the seriousness of the work being done by our healthcare provider partners and are deeply appreciative of all that they do,” Katter said. “Although the task ahead for everyone will be challenging, information is power. Collectively, we hope the knowledge and resources we’re providing can play a part in halting the spread of this highly contagious virus by arming healthcare providers with the clinical decision support and patient education resources they need—now more than ever.”


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